Hottest Secrets Lehenga Styling Color For Bride

Hottest Secrets Lehenga Styling Color For Bride

Finding your dream lehenga can be quite a task, to say the least…Here's your dose of style inspiration with your favourite Bollywood celebrities sporting wedding lehengas that you'll fall in love with!

Every bride is experimenting with their lehenga choli Design, fabrics, and colours like crazy! Right from Net & cotton Fabric, Embroidered and Stone Work, multi-colour attire to a bright hue and gorgeous lehenga colour combinations, We have seen brides in some unique fresh lehenga colours, which are an inspiration to all future brides. If you are tired of the usual red, Peach, pastel, and pink Indian attire, this blog is made just for you!

That being said, not all brides would like to experiment with their bridal lehenga colour, fabric, and design. There's just something attractive and traditional about a bride in RED. It becomes hard to erase that hue for these brides. This is because nothing looks as magnificent & as mesmerizing as a Red colour bridal lehenga.

Hottest Secrets Lehengas styling colours of 2021 for Gorgeous and Lovely Bride

Maroon Velvet Bridal Lehengas :

Every bride loves velvet bridal lehenga. And they are trying to flaunt their wedding function in velvet lehengas. The brides love to experiment. That is why they are trying a different look for their special day as well. Maroon velvet bridal lehengas are still in fashion today. This is because brides prefer to follow the traditional trend for their wedding.

Pastels and Floral Bridal Lehenga :

Lehengas in pastel shades and multi-coloured floral prints are irreplaceable as attire for pre-wedding functions. Pastel shades like baby pink or sky blue, or lemon yellow give a very comforting effect on the bride's attire. Such an attire prepares all the onlookers for a highly gorgeous lehenga on the wedding night.

Red Velvet Bridal Lehenga :

Red is the colour of an Indian wedding occasion. It is because it is considered a colour of love. So, Indian brides don't wait to select the traditional red lehenga for the wedding day.

Embroidered Bridal Lehenga :

Embroidered lehengas are generally done with the assist of a thread. So, this pattern of lehenga looks graceful on brides. That is because brides love to wear embroidered velvet lehenga on the wedding day. Also, brides can experiment with the design, style, and colour to look different.

Off-White Bridal Lehenga :

Off-white bridal lehengas will surely catch the guest's attention. This is because brides should also choose this type of lehenga. Bridal lehenga designs can be worn with huge varieties of colour combinations. So, brides will look different as well as royal on their special wedding day. Brides can even look gorgeous with two dupattas for their wedding attire. So, it will look fantastic. Off-white is another colour brides are picking up against the traditional red. Some prefer just the bold colour with no embroidery, and some finish their attire with full embroidery. Brides even love to coordinate their groom's Kurta, sherwani colour in their dupatta. You can do it, too, with your off-white bridal lehenga.

Multi-coloured Digital Prints Bridal Lehenga :

Multicolour bridal lehenga designs are in trend these days. But choose unconventional colours to add that extra twist to your outfit. Multi-colour outfits are elegant and gorgeous on occasions such as the sangeet ceremony, the engagement ceremony, the Haldi ceremony, etc. On the wedding day, most brides want to look traditionally beautiful. But when choosing a multi-coloured lehenga, you need to be very careful. One can easily go wrong with colours as there is a very thin line between 'colorful' and 'weird'. Suggest you visit the Arykaa store. With this easily and without any help, you will get your favourite designer, Lehenga choli. We offer the best-in-class surfing experience of our women's ethnic online clothing store with additional modifications as and when required.

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Lehenga Choli: A Must Ethnic Wear in your Collection

Lehenga Choli: A Must Ethnic Wear in your Collection

Rich in heritage, traditions, and cultures, India is the country where you can find them all together. Each festival, traditions, and events have their dedicated food menu, clothing, accessories, and much more.

The festivals, traditions, and events have specific ethnic wear to match and boost the charm. Lehenga choli is one of the oldest and most popular Indian ethnic wear preferred by girls and women. A girl or a woman who loves to look desi will have a pair of designer lehenga choli in her wardrobe, irrespective of the geographic location.

If you are in love with designer lehenga choli or would like to explore your desi side, then lehenga choli should be the first option. A lehenga choli can we wear regularly or for any specific occasion to grab the crowd's attention that might be never before.

Buy Designer lehenga choli online can help to find a perfect pair to suit your body shape and size along with the occasion. The different varieties of lehenga choli for various body types are:

1) Sharara cut lehenga choli - Similar to trousers or palazzos, the design of the lehenga has ahem. The wear is available in a wide range of designs and styles, ensuring you feel comfortable and look desi. The lehenga choli in sharara style looks chic for girls or women with hourglass, straight, pear, tall, and apple body structure.

2)  A-Line lehenga choli - This outfit is suitable to be worn at any event or cultural occasion. The A-Line lehenga has an A-Line hem that creates an "A" shape flare. An ideal body structure to wear this lehenga choli is tall, hourglass, and pear-shaped.

3) Circular or flared lehenga choli - This is the common and the first choice for a wedding. The hem of this lehenga choli has multiple pleats and a broad flare forming a circular shape. This type of lehenga choli suits best on straight, hourglass, pear, and apple shape body.

4) Mermaid or fishtail lehenga choli - The elegant and classy designed lehenga is the best for the girl or woman who wants to show their curves. The outfit fits skin around the waist and hips. The mermaid lehenga with design choli is perfect for pear and apple-shaped girl or woman body.

5) Lehenga choli in saree styled - Lehenga choli is usually paired with a dupatta or scarf. Similarly, a saree styled lehenga choli comes along with a matching dupatta or scarf. This dupatta can be draped around the shoulder like a pallu: Resulting, in a saree illusion.

Women who love to wear saree but need comfort should prefer this designer lehenga choli. The saree styled lehenga choli looks great on girls or women with a tall height, pear, apple, or hourglass body shape.

6) Panelled lehenga choli - The style of the panelled lehenga choli has multiple horizontal layers of fabric on the flare. The style, patterns, and design of these lehengas are colourful and look more beautiful. The girls or women with slender, straight, and apple body shapes can prefer to wear such ethnic outfits.

At Arykaa, you can find and buy designer lehenga choli from our online store from anywhere across the globe. We have a team of professional and experienced experts offering a wide range of designer lehenga choli. These lehenga cholis are currently trending, suitable for any occasion or event, and suit a girl or a woman of any shape and size.

If you are here for the first time buying a lehenga choli, You must try to check Top trending Lehenga Designs. please feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help shortlist a perfect outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Top 5 Trending Lehenga Designs

Top 5 Trending Lehenga Designs You Must Try in 2021

A pair of gorgeous lehenga choli is essential in most North Indian marriages. The girls and women from the US, Canada, UK, and many more countries other than India go gaga over the ensemble two pieces. In the 10th century, women in North India started to wear three-piece attire called Lehenga Choli. Lehenga Choli enters the Indian origin with the Mughals. In the initial stages, all the lehengas are made of cotton. The crafts use royal materials on the lehengas; used items like brocade and silk were to make the clothing. As traditional wear, you must include lehengas as part of your Wedding collection.

Wearing a Lehenga to weddings has been trending in fashion for the past few years. Every year designers try to bring out various designs, which will increase the sales of this product. In 2021, there are too many trending designs, which will make the wedding season more stylish and fashionable for girls and ladies.

Let's have a look at the top 5 latest trends for this wedding season, which are defining the tastes of fashion-conscious women:

1. Lehengas with Light Embroideries

Women nowadays are very much attracted to the outfit which can give them comfort and style at the same time. Considering these requirements in mind, many brands are offering lehengas, which are made with light embroideries. These lehengas are made of georgette and chiffon, which gives the bride the ability to move freely. Thus, allowing herself to move, dance, walk or do whatever she likes. The material will feel good and soft on her skin, which will make the bride comfortable and stylish at the same time. Wearing the light embroideries lehenga will give the bride a gorgeous look and comfort at the same time.

2. Party Wear Lehengas with Light Gold Embroidery

From wedding to after-party, lehengas with light gold embroidery are trending in the wedding collection for generation Y and Z. The majority of India's brides try to look different in their wedding reception. This lightweight gold print party-wearing lehengas can give them that desired look. These designer party wear lehengas can be worn during the wedding. Changing the lehenga set is as easy as changing a jewelry set. This is an advantage to the bride as she can have a different look with the same lehenga, saving her time and getting a different look.

3. Embroidery lehenga with multicolor

Wearing multi-color lehengas will give the bride a look of dimension. Embroidered lehengas are made of pearl and multicolored embroidery with a little bit of a combination of blues and pink since women are very much fond of all these things. Lehenga that is made of multicolor fabric, is very common. The brides who are trying to play with fashion are trying to be a bit unique. The bridal lehenga choli collection is crafted with embroidery lehenga with multicolor over the usual one. This includes colors like, Indigo, Neon, and baby pinks are trending colors for the lehengas.

4. Lehengas with long sleeves Choli

These days' lehengas with long sleeves are trending in fashion as wearing long sleeves cholis add elegance to the party. When the theme is very traditional, full sleeve cholis can also be paired up with lehengas, which give a royal and classic look to the bride.

5. Designer lehengas for marriage and traditional occasions

Designer lehengas are the ones who are getting more attention from the brides. The bride likes to wear designer lehengas, as these lehengas are time-saving, comfortable to wear, the bruise can walk easily and freely from here to there. This outfit does not require a lot of jewelry. Wearing this lehenga gives your feeling of comfort as well as a glamorous look to the bride. Some brides who are not fans of sarees but still want to look good on their wedding day should opt for these designer lehengas that can give the same glamorous look to the bride just as it will, look wearing a saree.

Buy Designer Lehenga Choli Online

In today's generation, online shopping has been a trend for the past years. Buying designer Lehenga Choli Online saves the bruised time to go on shopping, which is very time consuming. Buying Lehenga choli online gives the brides a lot of variety and reasonable prices at the same time, which attracts the birds more for online purchasing. Designer brands are promoting their application through social media, for there is virtual reality in which the brides can give their image and try the lenses in it to see, which will be the perfect fit for them. Easy returns option, payment method, a large number of varieties makes the women more attracted towards buying Buy designer Lehenga Choli Online.