Latest Printed Saree Design in 2021 To Upgrade Your Ethnic Style

Latest Printed Saree Design in 2021 To Upgrade Your Ethnic Style

It's Time To Renew Your Appealing Look With gorgeous Printed Sarees. Printed sarees are fun and fluid. Saree is a traditional piece of attire for each Indian woman as they love to wrap themselves in sarees at massive events. At the time of buying a printed saree, it would be an extraordinary plan to pick as indicated by your body style type. Women are wearing printed sarees to look remarkable and conciliatory. This is the reason the pattern of wearing a saree never blurs. The pattern of printed saree is getting famous and demanded step by step as they give an attractive look to any individual who wears them.

Buy Lovely Printed Sarees Online From Arykaa

Saree is one of the most traditional attire which women prefer to wear. Whether it is block print, floral print, geometrical print, Bandhani Print, Chiffon Print, Chiffon Brasso Print, Digital Print, Multi digital print, there is no dearth of designs when you decide to buy printed sarees for women from online Store Arykaa. Your search for the most elegant collection of printed sarees ends here, as here you will find Multifarious colours, fabrics, and prints in party wear, office wear, and everyday wear printed sarees for sale.

Right from abstract prints in pastel shades to larger circular and geometric patterns, you can practically experiment with thousands plus of designs if you want to buy printed sarees for any occasion or if you want to gift the cotton printed or silk sarees to someone on their birthday or their wedding day or anniversaries.


Bandhani saree is a traditional and cultural textile craft of India. The name Bandhani comes from the Sanskrit word "bandha". In other words, it means "to tie". The Bandhani trend came in like lightning. Of course, Bandhani print is the traditional Indian print, and Bandhani sarees have always been demanded. But maybe due to the festive season or due to the general trend, Bandhani Printed Sarees are at the top of the latest printed sarees designs. Bandhani sarees are the perfect combination of bold and bright colours with motifs implemented all over the fabric. Bandhani sarees are made from lightweight and soft fabric, which makes them easy to wear for women and keeps the wearer cosy all day long. Cream, Red, green, yellow, orange, and maroon are major colours used in making bandhani sarees. A Bandhani saree is designed with a single-colour base which is decorated with small motifs made of different colours as opposed to the base colour. The motifs made are in the shape of flowers, balls, and bells, etc. These sarees can be further enhanced by a golden or silver zari border all over the saree fabric.


You can wear this beautiful saree to the cocktail party, reception, and pre-wedding functions. These types of sarees are quite demanding these days because of their stylish look. If you want to try a different look, then this printed silk foil saree will add to your beauty.


Georgette printed saree gives a classy and princely look. The trend of this fabric can never go out of fashion. It is one of the best fabrics in the saree. Buy printed sarees online with a hassle-free mind. It will always give you confidence in online shopping and will make your job easy and convenient. Have a fabulous look in a georgette saree with open hair and flare pallu. A little jewellery can be perfectly blended with your outfit and fulfil your wedding demand. Georgette is a very regular material in clothing. Women of all ages wear this material in their daily life. A little work reveals this look for special occasions and weddings.


Teal Green And Orange printed Brasso saree gives you a model look at the wedding and any occasions. Brasso is a tissue-like fabric that is very soft. For a rich and classy look, this fabric is mostly chosen by the people of the elite class. Designer printed sarees online shopping must include the Brasso printed saree to deck up your closet. In this season of marriage, get a different style and style your adorable look. When you feel good and happy, then the beauty of your saree enhances your look even more.

Five Trending Sarees to Rock the Wedding Season

Five Trending Sarees to Rock the Wedding Season

Marriage is considered the beginning of a novel experience for women in the world. It is a significant move for this special day that necessitates thorough planning. Every bride-to-be will desire that her special day be Excellent. Women dream of looking like a princess, walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Hence, Wedding Wear Sarees and dresses for brides are the most important attire they will ever hold in their life. This is the outfit a Girl & woman love the most and sometimes passes on to the coming generations. Amongst endless selections in the wedding-wear sector, sarees have continuously always topped the list. There are sarees in different colors, different embellishments, and even different fabrics. Depending on your choice in comfort and looks, you make many easy picks among half-n-half sarees that will go a long way in ethnically establishing you're fine tastes. You can buy the Latest sarees online seamlessly from our wide range of Arykaa's saree online stores. The love of saree among girls and women does not limit to India but spread globally in countries like the USA, UK, Canada and many more.

Choose the Most Elegant Wedding Sarees for Women

Woven Sarees –

Back in the time, when most of the sarees were handlooms, owning a woven saree was a matter of dignity. Unlike printed and embroidered saree, these sarees' complex motifs were hand-woven in the yarn themselves, requiring the utmost attention to detail and various time. It is an investment of effort and time that makes it a popular convention among all regional woven sarees using pure gold and silver brocade threads, be it Banarasi, Kanchipuram, or Patola. As the process became more mechanical over time, the cost of these woven sarees decreased drastically. However, despite the replacement of hand weave with machine-weave and the growing use of precious metal thread alternatives, woven sarees' regal status has remained intact. That's why having some woven sarees in your outfit is not just a matter of trend but also a fashion investment that you'll cherish for years to return to rock an imperial and stylish look.

Designer Sarees-

The world is changing, revamping, and our choices are changing. Over the years, the Brides, too, have changed their preferences and sensibilities. Women prefer to go in for contemporary bridal sarees and wedding ensembles instead of traditional saree styles. Net sarees are one of the most delightful trends in Indian wedding sarees. It is over base material designer sarees in the wedding is light and versatile. Brides who Like many modern elements in their wedding attire prefer net sarees. Net is also put together with other materials like silk, georgette, and satin to create various effects in contemporary sarees. Lehenga Sarees are another trending style in the bridal saree range. These sarees have an ornate patli, sometimes panels are attached to give a flattering lehenga-like effect. These sarees look attractive and are preferred by modern brides, as they are often simple and easy to drape and carry. 

Wedding Silk Saree-

No South Indian wedding is complete until the bride is dressed in her finest silks! These red, yellow, and gold silk saree is a classic example of the majesty of Indian weddings. It is handcrafted with gold Zari threads that lend a delicate shine to the bright saree. Red and Golden Kanjeevaram Wedding Silk Saree is very beautiful for wearing at weddings.

Plain Saree –

There is something regal about the heavy border sarees that even an amateur can understand very easily. What sets these heavy border sarees apart from their more recent counterparts is their prominent traditional appearance. The entire length of these sarees is embellished in a different way. This time-honoured appearance makes them a simple pick for women of all age brackets. As a newlywed, you must have these sarees in your outfit for those events where you would like to bask in the charming aesthetics of conventional ethnic looks.

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15 Tips & Tricks to Look Slim and Sensuous in Saree

Everybody desires to value and follow their rich culture and heritage. Depending on the person's maturity, he or she will accept or modify the teachings as per self convenience. But when it comes to traditional clothing, no one will desire to compromise to showcase their desi-look.

Saree is one of the first choices of a girl or a woman in Ethnic wear. But the first and the most common thought after wearing or thinking about the saree is whether I will look fat?

Well, the sarees symbolize independence. The saree in ancient India used to ensure exposure or uncovered a portion of a woman's body from chest to waist. But at the same time, there are designer sarees or various ways to drape a saree to hide your body structure.

You can buy a saree online that can be suitable to wear at a party or traditional occasion without looking fat or ashamed of your body structure.

As there are multiple choices to buy sarees online, this blog will help you to understand how you can drape a saree to boost your independence, desi-look, and charm. As mentioned below, the top 15 tips and tricks to drape the latest saree or any other type of sarees to surprise you and your loved ones when they see you in a designer saree.

The top tips and tricks to look slim and sensual in the latest saree online or in-store are:

1) In-Skirt Selection: Select an in-skirt with a straight cut that fits your waist size perfectly.

2) Avoid selecting the umbrella-shaped big in-skirt. The frills will showcase a bigger size rather than the actual.

3) The in-skirt fabric should be thin enough to ensure it supports the pleats and saree while draping around. Avoid the one which goes along with the saree and move across your whole body and saree.

4) Drape the saree and fasten the in-skirt below the belly button. It will pull the belly by an inch, resulting in an illustration of a flat stomach.

5) Practice or seek the advice of an expert to drape a saree. Drape a saree carefully to avoid bundling the fabric at a particular section, or there are no unnecessary pleats.

6) The selection of the blouse fabric should be wise. It should be nice and thin. The fitting of the blouse should not be flabby or tight that can make you feel uncomfortable within some time.

7) If comfortable to move around with a sensual look, then wear a backless blouse featured with long sleeves. The illusion created looks like you have a long neck and, in return, will boost your slim and sensual look.

8) The length of the blouse should be precise till the ribs. Avoid any length below or above the rib section.

9) A blouse plays a crucial role in the look of any designer saree in the US, Canada, UK, or elsewhere. Be specific and conscious about the fitting and pairing with a saree.

10) Style your hair like a long puff. This will make your face look long, resulting in an illusionary tall with the combination of a long neck and a long face.

11) Keep your neck clean and free. If not possible, a thin neckpiece or jewelry is recommended.

12) Paring your party saree or designer saree with a pair of long earrings can complement the look. At the same time, avoid this practice if you have a short neck, broad shoulder, and round face.

13) Pair your ethnic wear with a high-heel sandal. Ensure it is fit and buckled properly, never to feel the height.

14) Make sure you are comfortable with all the above points to move confidently.

15) Opt for lip color and skin tone matching make-up. 

Fancy saree online shopping for silk sarees, printed sarees, Banarasi sarees, Wedding wear sarees, Party Wear Saree, Embroidery Saree and much more with these points will make you rule the event.

We wish you utilize the best of these tips and glow your desi-charm with any available saree online with your personality and confidence.